and it did but is still undelivered 5 hours and counting
  1. 10:25-10:30 AM - UPS truck daily schedule on my block. Sign, unwrap, discover new skill set.
    Oh, maybe they're late. I'll give it 30 mins. *Finishes coffee.*
  2. 11:00 AM - Start laundry half a block away
    But I don't want to miss the door bell ring. *Watches an episode of Fresh Off the Boat instead while constantly looking out the window.*
  3. 12:00 NN - Laundry should be half-way done
    Where is the truck? Oh hey, somebody's getting a parking ticket.
  4. 12:15 PM - I'm hungry. I'll make pasta and the truck will be here by the time I finish eating.
    I need to do some grocery shopping later.
  5. 1:00 PM - I should've been at least an hour deep into my lessons by now.
    At least I'm getting some sun through the window.
  6. 1:30 PM - *Tracks shipment on phone app.*
    Well, it still says it's on the truck. Wait, is today the 11th? Ohh, I'll make a fun list on, make the time pass.
  7. 2:00 PM - Now this is just getting ridiculous.
    Hey, these @list people are really cool. And really funny.
  8. 3:15 PM - Well, I guess I can start my lessons tomorrow.
    No, really, what happened to the truck?