Dedicated to @lizzyspano
  1. Ham? I hardly know her!
  2. Babe 3: Sizzlin'
  3. Ham tastes ok. Just kidding. It's pretty good.
  4. My favorite baseball player is Hammy Sosa, the Pig Man from Chicago Town.
  5. Ham, now injected with more Premium! Also salt.
  6. Try our "new" "Ham" "sandwich" please.
  7. Ham sturdy enough to toss like a football. They don't call it a pigskin for nothin'! #DallasCowboys #JessePalmers
  8. Ham so good you'll #oink
  9. Only 140 characters to express my love of ham? I'm gonna need more than that! Ham is great. It tastes good. I like it! Here's the thing abou
  10. My favorite band? Rodgers and HAMmerstein. Also, The Beatles.
  11. Look, if a fella can't express his love of ham in public, where is he supposed to do it?
  12. Speaking of ham, where's the beef?
  13. Pick up some deli ham at your local deli counter. "Deli", short for "delicatessen." "Ham", short for "HAMmer Time, by MC Hammer."
  14. Babe 4: Sex In The City, You're Being Such a HAMantha
  15. How do you ham? Tell us your story.