Not exhaustive. Lots of people.
  1. Arachnids
    Coulda said just spiders, but want to make sure and include ticks. Horrors.
  2. People who work really hard at being "authentic" while also waking around like they think their life is a photoshoot. They all live on Instagram.
  3. Lettuce
    Really any leaves we are supposed to eat, but especially iceberg. Does anyone actually LIKE salad? I hate it.
  4. Bugs
    Not necessarily ALL, but most. Mosquitoes?! Gnats?! Hyper-fast alien bugs?! Roaches?!? Why do these exist?!?!
  5. People who choose not to bathe and just walk around smelling horrible.
    Why? What are you proving? Ohhh, you're authentic.
  6. Rude people
    Just be nice or shut up!
  7. Mean people
    Especially people who are mean to animals. Or the elderly or disabled. What is wrong with these people?
  8. Being cold
    I am probably cold if it's under 70°, though.
  9. People I am smarter than who think they are smarter than I am.
    I am not all that smart. But I am smarter than some and they need to know their place.
  10. People who think they are superior because of their academic degrees.
    Congratulations, you spent years studying and becoming an "expert" on one tiny part of all the information in the world. You still seem like an idiot, and, oh look, you're an asshole too!
  11. Babies who scream for no "real" reason.
    I know they're babies and can't tell us what's wrong, but man they are dumb. Enough with the screaming! We clearly can't help you ya dumb baby!
  12. Internet commenters
    Whew, these people can really suck you in and make you want to commit murder. What is wrong with these people? Why are they doing this? Why do I ever read any comments?
  13. When someone I love is sad or struggling and I can't help.
  14. Being sick
    Throwing up is the worst. Also having a really stuffy nose or sore throat. Just kill me.