Warby Parker Glasses Frames That Remind me of My English Major

In no particular order but neither were my very important "Major Requirements," so...
  1. Beckett
    Wear these and feel like you read some stuff.
  2. Hardy
    Far from the maddening crowd you will find me and in a pair of these.
  3. Crane
    Naturalism and glasses.
  4. Dahl
    Wrote for children and adults; is also a glasses frame. Very versatile name.
  5. Ellison
    Cool rich kid name also cool GLASSES NAME. Nothing against rich kids or glasses.
  6. Paley
    "The children with the ache of youth ate all the cheese" Grace Paley put those words together in a short story and it's my favorite part about books. Nothing to say for the glasses other than that I've spent a weird enough amount of time on the Warby Parker website to know they exist.
  7. Milton
    Suck on that, nerds! Seven times to be exact.
  8. Heaney
    RIP Seamus. Memorialize him w a nice pair of glasses.