Cheer Me Up

  1. "Hey Carrie want to watch PBS Emma start to finish?"
    Actually no one needs to say it. I'm fine just to say this to myself.
  2. "Hey Carrie the house cleaners are done at my house. I'm sending them right over."
    Oh and I have a Groupon so it's on me. I miss the housekeepers. So much.
  3. " Hey Carrie I made way too much of this tomato soup with corn bread croutons. I'm leaving pot of it on your stove."
    Kristin Andrus just posted this recipe. I wish someone would have it ready when I get home.
  4. "Hey Carrie we're starting a section of 4030 in Salt Lake. Can we get you to teach it?"
    I teach this course in at a university far from home. I have to drive through winter weather and a scary canyon to do it. I wish I hated it
  5. "Hey Carrie we've decided to come back to church."
    People I love are choosing other paths. I respect their choice—but miss them.
  6. "Hey Carrie want to write for our weekly column? We will pay you lots of money."
    I love to write but teaching wins the time and effort ticket because it keeps paying me. I wish I could let writing win.
  7. "Hey Carrie we hate your clothes and want you on our show."
    Remember "What Not to Wear"? I'd love them to come back, spot me, and work through my closet.
  8. "Hey Mom I want to tell you everything about my day."
    My girls used to say this everyday. And do it all at once. It was like trying to keep up with 3 rings at a circus. And I loved it.
  9. "Hey Carrie don't post such a sad list!" I say to myself.
    But somehow, writing this all down did cheer me a little bit. It's good to know what you want:)