I needed to write these down somewhere
  1. Elf princess
    No, not Zelda
  2. Shrek
    I just feel like everyone would appreciate this
  3. Fairy
    Pink & frilly. Go all out
  4. Marge Simpson
    Because I want to spend hours covering myself in yellow body paint
  5. Austin Powers
    To please my 8th grade heart
  6. Misty from Pokémon
    A good last minute
  7. Satyr
    My favorite mythical creature since forever
  8. Ice Cream
    Why not?
  9. Pie
    Why not x2?
  10. Elphaba / Glinda
    The musical that started it all for me
  11. The Schuyler Sisters
    3 badass historical women
  12. A mermaid
    Stereotypical, yes; Awesome, yes
  13. Satine from "Moulin Rouge"
    I want to wear that top hat
  14. A rat
    You are what you LOVE