Rooting for Korean actress Doona Bae (Cloud Atlas, Sense 8, Jupiter Ascending) to take over Hollywood. Here's why:
  1. Incredible actress
    Le duh! Anytime I see her in a role I feel the same way I did when I saw Joaquin Phoenix in "Her". I just don't see the actor anymore I just see the character. Also one of the few Asian actresses who have had major success in Hollywood.
  2. Fearless in life
    Cloud Atlas was her first Hollywood film and she spoke almost no English. She took the role, moved to Berlin, spent every waking moment learning English, made English her bitch. Then worked the hell out of that film. Girl hustles.
    They are her champion and I love them for it. The mother-effing directors of The Matrix have cast her in every subsequent project since they cast her for Cloud Atlas.
  4. Ranks film experiences by catering service quality
    This woman LOVES food. In an interview she said Cloud Atlas was her best film experience for a lot of reasons but one that stands out to her: Kraft Services was the bomb dot com.
  5. Nicholas Ghesquiere, Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, is her bestie.
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    He's always saying she's divine and incredible. The pictures they take melt my heart. True friendship.
  6. She is friends with Laverne Cox
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  7. She did this
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  8. She is an all around bad ass
    Despite the lack of diversity in Hollywood and typecast roles for Asian actresses Doona works her ass off for all her roles and takes BS from no one. KEEP KILLING THE GAME DOONA I AM ROOTING FOR YOU, YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN YOU.