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  1. "My bad"/"My fault"
    Usually said after someone bumps into you. Yes, I realize that it's your fault, but a simple sorry would suffice.
  2. "Ain't nothing but a thing"
    But.. Then it's.. what?
  3. "Das You?"
    First off, does it take too long to say the word "that's"? Secondly, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you're saying this to someone, it's probably them.
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  1. Cherry Sprite
    Almost there.
  2. That alarm clock that gets up and rolls around
    You COULD just get up when your alarm goes off. Most people don't find it necessary to chase down moving object to wake up.
  3. (Most) Spotify Daily Mixes
    Some days, I find my new jam for the week. Other days, I don't know what I've been listening to that makes Spotify think I need more Mazzy Star in my life.
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