Phrases That Irk Me

  1. "My bad"/"My fault"
    Usually said after someone bumps into you. Yes, I realize that it's your fault, but a simple sorry would suffice.
  2. "Ain't nothing but a thing"
    But.. Then it's.. what?
  3. "Das You?"
    First off, does it take too long to say the word "that's"? Secondly, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you're saying this to someone, it's probably them.
  4. "Dumb lit"
    Two words, yet so many contradicting terms.
  5. "I know a guy"
    Okay well that's cool, but does your guy have the skills to get said task(s) done?
  6. "Tell me about it sometime"
    Because they really don't have the time right now (and probably won't later)
  7. Whenever someone says "Buddy"
    Unless someone is an elf in New York City, Mr. Guy, or your own son, you should under no circumstances, EVER, call them buddy.