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  1. There's always "that" person in every class. And yes, everyone knows who it is.
  2. Being on the verge of a breakdown for weeks on end becomes normal.
  3. When people "pass" I get extremely uncomfortable.
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  1. No Watson.
  2. Blankets are not toys.
  3. Are you hungry?
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Every time I fly, I can't help but hope that either a) I'll be upgraded to first class or b) a celebrity will for some reason be bumped to coach and have to sit next to me. Here is a list of those celebrities I wouldn't mind being in a confined space with them for 3+ hours. In no particular order...
  1. I can't imagine a funnier woman to sit next to. After watching her on The Office, reading her books, and of course idolizing Mindy Lahiri, she's the perfect mix of best friend and sister a gal could want.
  2. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
    Who better to help pass the time than the funniest Hollywood couple? After a round of drinks, I'm sure we would prove to be fast friends
  3. Jonah Hill
    My celebrity crush. He would find me both witty and charming, and after sharing laughs, he would realize just how refreshing my company is from the LA people he deals with. Does he even live in LA? You get my point.
  4. Emma Watson
    The epitome of class and sophistication, she serves as a role model for young girls. But beyond that, she's intelligent and dedicated to social issues.
All teachers understand the boredom that can come with professional development in-service.
  1. Create a list that lists the ways I pass time in meetings.
  2. Yahtzee with Buddies. Please start a game with me because everyone else is working and not playing with me. ckinsey14
  3. Pinterest. Thank goodness for Pinterest.
  4. Fill out my planner. This weekend is busy.