Cuz Allll da boys luv me...
  1. "I knew leaving my Invisalign at home was a good idea!"
  2. "You have crohns? OMG I have IBS. Race ya to the bathroom!"
  3. In response to someone trying to compliment my shirt- " I'll sell it to you for 40 bucks." Sold! Takes layer one off aka a boys tall T ski shirt that I got fo free! counts money while wearing my second layer.. A white t shirt.
  4. "Thanks, it's my mom's car"
  5. "Ya, I'm a pretty creepy sleeper."
  6. "My only friends these days are 8 year olds. "
  7. "Hi, I'm .... Oops, what was I saying? Sorry, I'm socially awkward.. What do you do? Omg! I love this song brb.. Wait never mind.. Wrong song."
  8. "Cool jeans, I have the same ones."
  9. "My precioussssss " in Golum voice after my drink or friend arrives
  10. "So like, are you more of a Lannister or a stark? Or maybe you're a theon grey joy?" *chuckles to myself* ..."Oh... You don't watch game of thrones?" Continues to discuss what's so great about the mythical world of game of thrones...
  11. "Twins creep me out."... " oh, you're mom is a twin!?...that's soo cool!!?"
  12. "Boy & girl twins creep me out the most... " .... " ohh snap, you're a twin too... AND you have a twin sister!"
  13. "I'm off, may the force be with you!"
  14. "My pussy is like Mordor" * test driving the Amy Schumer approach to chatting up... Fail.
  15. Neeeed I continue....