Reasons why graduating from college and graduating from kindergarten are the same thing

Contemplating my current stage of life
  1. You go to a ceremony where they hand you a worthless piece of paper
    As a kid, it could have been written in crayon and you wouldn't have known the difference. It didn't matter, it didn't mean anything. But in college... Oh wait, no, it's worthless.
  2. Everyone expects you to be a big girl/boy now and they tell you so
    As a kid, each new school year was like "omg I have so much more responsibility! How do they expect me to do this?!" Nothing's changed.
  3. You have zero clue what the hell is going on
    Now what?
  4. You're broke
  5. You need your parents' help/money
    Money pleeeeeeasse (spoken as Mona Lisa from Parks and Rec) But really. Broke.
  6. Like seriously, zero clue what you are doing
    I'm not yet adulting sooooo. As a kid at least people told you what came next, not that you cared or had a choice.
  7. You probably won't remember it after its done
    For a different reason than being 6.