1. They make you more productive
    Because you have to make up for the time you lost while watching the movie
  2. They take you to a different world
    Be it a different time period, planet, or world i.e. Saving private Ryan, Star Trek, or Harry Potter
  3. They help you externalize your feelings
    Don't like crying? Watch remember the Titans Don't know any funny people? Watch she's the man Aren't smart? Watch goodwill hunting They'll bring things up, man
  4. They help exaggerate your feelings
    They make you laugh harder, cry harder, care more, and get angrier than you ever could in a real life situation and they do it in under 3 hr (usually)
  5. They show people's true colors
    What's your favorite movie? Oh, it's made by hallmark? I'm sorry, we can't be friends. It's die hard? Ok. We can talk. It's lord of the rings? When's good for you? I'm free in an hour.
  6. They make you smarter
    I've learned things in movies. For instance, I learned the word agog from Les Mis. I learned that it's possible to fake being an airline pilot, lawyer, and Doctor from Catch Me if You Can. I learned there's no crying in baseball from Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own.
  7. They make up a whole language
    I speak fluent movie quotes
  8. They go good with food and boredom
    Hungry and have nothing to do?
  9. Why not?