1. "Ray"
    Good character name? I think she sounds like a 23 year old with a sharp tongue but a crippling conscience of her own insignificance
  2. "Supple"
    An *ah* word
  3. A poem for a friend
    It begins, "Here's to the kind of blue that makes you question all other blues."
  4. "There are a hundred places to search for a broken girl." (Cathy Marie - The Painted Girls)
    You know the kind of sentence that can snap you out of a hypnotic narrative? The kind that is all the more moving outside of its context?
  5. "The regularity of the cubicles made me feel I had found a place in the order of things; I felt enlarged by the largeness of it. I would wear a tie." (Matthew Crawford in Shop Class as Soulcraft)
    But the settled things are the most unsettling
  6. A poem about some one else's love story
    Isn't someone else's much easier to write than your own?
  7. A list of things to do before I left for home
    Ah can't forget a healthy dose of mundanity