Hi I'm Claire, here's a boring list of things about me no one asked to know.
  1. I'm terrified of raccoons. And no, the baby ones aren't cute either.
  2. I have a university degree that I've done nothing with except hang up on my wall.
  3. Most used lipstick: MAC lady danger.
  4. I have to fall asleep watching something.
    Usually a makeup tutorial or vlog on YouTube or an old episode of a favourite show.
  5. Favourite food: sandwiches.
    Tuna melt. Peanut butter + banana. Etc etc etc
  6. Bookshops are some of my favourite places to be.
  7. I always set my alarm for odd times.
    8:03, 9:36, 3:22.
  8. I don't like reheated food. I almost always eat leftovers cold.
  9. I always brush my teeth in the shower.