1. Panda
    obviously. my closest confidant. comfort in a tangible form.
  2. Grandpa's letters
    the old stamps and wax seals and calligraphy make my heart swoon with happiness.
  3. My Letter Box
    hopefully I will be sending out/receiving lots of mail and I need somewhere to keep the letters
  4. Bible
  5. The Great Gatsby Poster
    as a couple of bookworms, Kaley and I need this.
  6. Photo of Sophie & I
    because I'm going to miss my best friend.
  7. Bouquet of dried lavender from Czech & flowers in my little glass vase
    hoping this will travel easily. wrap in newspaper!
  8. Shine Canvas
    takes up no space whatsoever.
  9. watercolors over my desk
  10. moon calandar
  11. picture of sibs
  12. a couple paperbacks
  13. scratch off map
  14. dream catcher
  15. a mug
  16. wonderstruck and rose perfumes
  17. lil pooh
  18. think happy be happy
  19. California print
  20. laptop + case