I, like most people, have very strong opinions on the characters of friends
  1. Rachel.
    She's a princess and deserves everything good in life.
  2. Monica.
    She's feeds her friends, looks hot, and finds love in her best friend.
  3. Joey.
    What a beautiful idiot.
  4. Chandler.
    Can always make me laugh, an important quality in a friend.
  5. Phoebe.
    A lovable weirdo who should have gotten a prequel spinoff.
  6. Smelly Cat.
    It's not your fault.
  7. Roy.
    The world's greatest stripper.
  8. Marcel.
    The world's greatest monkey actor.
  9. Mike.
    The perfect man.
  10. Eddie.
    Even though he was creepy and didn't watch Baywatch, still an alright character.
  11. Janice.
    Oh. My. God.
  12. Ursula.
    Totally evil and completely sassy.
  13. Russ.
    A better character than...
  14. Ross
    The worst.