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Thursday, May 18th
  1. Bream gives me hiccups
    I laughed out loud at this passage from Jesse Eisenberg's book
  2. Flowers
    I work at a flower shop and today we got tons of fresh flowers- it's my favorite part of the job
  3. Puppy
    I spent the whole day with my cute puppy dog, Calie!
  1. Conclusion
    Claires are badasses
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  1. For Sarah
    My meme loving roommate at our über political college
  2. For Andrew
    How am I dating someone that makes plans at 9 am? This is proof that, yes, I will be there
  3. For HIMYM lovers
    BEST USE OF THIS GIF EVER if I do say so myself
  4. For maya
    Best street art I've ever seen
  1. Washington monument
    The only thing I will ever refer to as Bae
  2. I'm so awkward
    I'll never change
  3. This cat in a Hawaiian shirt
    closely followed by a dog in a Hawaiian shirt
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