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While not all of these are about surfing, they do include the three qualifiers.
  1. Rip Girls
  2. Teen Beach Movie
  3. Blue Crush
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  1. 5.
    Driving around with Louis
    Louis is the cheapest date
  2. 4.
    Going to a carnival with Liam
  3. 3.
    Ice skating with Harry
    Potential to freeze my ass off
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Featuring the dynamic Selma Blair
  1. Not here to make friends
  2. Fiancé
  3. Watch how it's done
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  1. Mae Whitman as Stanley
  2. Amandla Stenberg as Zero
  3. Keke Palmer as X-Ray
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  1. Tracy Flick
    Hilary Clinton. She's worked really hard for this.
  2. Paul Metzler.
    Jeb Bush. Merely resting on his laurels.
  3. Tammy Metzler
    Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. Severely anti-establishment.
And subsequently can quote on demand
  1. Annie (1999)
  2. Whale Rider
  3. Waitress
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Inspired by my mom, my friends moms, and your moms!
  1. Listening to Bruno Mars
    Or Pharrell. Or Meghan Trainor.
  2. Drinking wine with an ice cube
  3. Playing Candy Crush/Best Fiends/Farm Heroes Saga
    And being on an insanely high level
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  1. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan
  2. Witness by Karen Hesse
  3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
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