1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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    Not sure if it is technically a high school but I don't care. I know students get killed left and right, but you can do magic!
  2. Middleton High School
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    Not only would you get to have lunch with Kim, Ron, and Rufus, they always had great sayings on their marquee.
  3. Harbor School
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    Sunshine every day of the year, plus you'd be going to school with Seth Cohen.
  4. Neptune High
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    Can you imagine hearing about all of the cool things Veronica Mars was doing? Plus Wallace was on the basketball team so I bet the games would be worth attending.
  5. North Shore High School
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    I bet the All School Girl Fight of 2004 became an urban legend, as well as the Plastics. What a cool legacy. And Tin Fey is your math teacher!
  6. Rosewood High School
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    The high school experience of Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer is anything but ordinary. But it still seems like it'd be a nice school to attend, especially if a homicidal maniac wasn't trying to kill you and your friends.
  7. North Valley High School
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    They throw a dance where you get to go in costume! Plus you can hang out at the diner on weekends with your friends.
  8. Constance Billard School for Girls
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    Can I please be one of Blair's minions?
  9. Grove High School
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    Three words. Lana Got Coned. Also they have school parties at the beach, you're living in San Francisco., and one of your classmates is Princess of Genovia.
  10. Bayside High School
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    It's so Raven.
  11. Pacific Coast Academy
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    I still dream I went to PCA.
    Suggested by @josie
  12. Degrassi Community School
    Degrassi: It Goes There.
    Suggested by @gggenevieveee