Inspired by my mom, my friends moms, and your moms!
  1. Listening to Bruno Mars
    Or Pharrell. Or Meghan Trainor.
  2. Drinking wine with an ice cube
  3. Playing Candy Crush/Best Fiends/Farm Heroes Saga
    And being on an insanely high level
  4. Asking you to take chicken out of the freezer
  5. Deep cleaning the house when guests are coming over
  6. Finding items that have been lost for hours/days in a split second and telling you to "open your eyes"
    Suggested by @bkfergus
  7. Not so subtly alluding that you may be drinking too much
  8. Being mad that the last season of Parenthood wasn't on Netflix when they said it would be
  9. Jokes about peeing while laughing
  10. Volunteering for everything
  11. "Have you lost weight? Those pants look loose."
  12. That one show that she watches where no one is allowed to talk or interrupt her while it's on
  13. Wondering why you aren't wearing socks
  14. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  15. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
  16. Being emotionally invested in The Voice
  17. Salted caramel anything
  18. George Clooney