1. Lord James Browning Jr.
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    Winning London is my personal favorite of the Twins' films. Plus he had an adorable British accent and I'll never get over the scene by the Peter Pan statue.
  2. Jim
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  3. Avery & Pete
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    Avery & Pete are tied for me because they're essentially the same person and after all these years I can't choose a favorite.
  4. Adam
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  5. Trey
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    Simply because it's Jared Padalecki
  6. Griffen
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    You gotta love Griffin. He's an uber nerd who helps Scott even its obvious he's perfect for Madison. This could've turned into a Nice Guy situation but luckily we never had to find out.
  7. Jordan
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    Jordan is your classic pretty boy, plus he had access to all of the marine life at the resort.
  8. Jean
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    The goofier of the pair, Jean is absolutely hilarious when he imitates the difference between French and American girls.
  9. Michel
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    I wish I didn't have to put Michel so low on this list because the actor who plays him, Ethan Peck (grandson of Gregory Peck) is a babe! Unfortunately when I first saw this movie I wasn't really into men wearing turtlenecks.
  10. Marcus
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    The original 'unReal'. And he does the right thing in the end
  11. Brian
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    I still swoon at the air vent kiss
  12. Paolo
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  13. Danny/Scott
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  14. Sam
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    The original Nice Guy. He just couldn't take no for an answer.
  15. Ryan
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