The Disney Channel original movie The Cheetah Girls was a very important film for me as a young feminist. I had the soundtrack and the book series, and my friends and I performed a dance to Cheetah Sisters at our talent show in fifth grade. Here are a few reasons why I think it should be on every young person's watchlist.
  1. Female friendship is a priority
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  2. The Cheetahs demand respect from their love interests
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    Though the only standard love interest comes in the second film
  3. Showcases healthy relationships between mothers and daughters
  4. A widely diverse cast
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  5. Promotes girl power
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  6. The Cheetahs are confident and know their worth
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  7. They stay true to themselves, even if it means passing on a rare opportunity
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  8. One word: Cinderella.
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  9. It's simply cheetahlicious!
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