1. Gone Girl on Dvd
    At least three times
  2. A jack o'lantern t-shirt
    Men's section
  3. Socks with a macaroni and cheese print
  4. Over priced Frederic Fekkai shampoo
  5. Halloween themed wine glasses
    Which I ended up buying a week later.
  6. All five seasons of The Wire
  7. One Direction's concert film
  8. Pencils from the dollar section that were labeled with the days of the week
  9. Mindy Kaling's first book
  10. A metal wall decoration shaped like an envelope that holds your mail.
    I live with my parents.
  11. A potato chip chocolate bar
  12. A chewbaca key chain and Yoda jelly beans
  13. Multiple CDs including R5, One Direction, and Taylor Swift's Christmas album
  14. Wine glasses from the dollar section
  15. Tights
  16. Various earrings
  17. A watch