I'm realizing they're mostly kids books. What does that mean? I had lots of time on my hands as a kid?
  1. All Roald Dahl books
    The BFG. The Witches. Also, pretty enjoyable short story books, some fictitious, some autobiographical.
  2. The Little Princess
    Such a sweet story. I think I read it over and over again because I loved Sara's determination and positive outlook. Also it's super satisfying when Ram Dass surprises her with all those dope furnishings.
  3. The Secret Garden
    I want a secret garden! I seem to be drawn to tales of little English girls from India who survive devastating life events. Or maybe I just love FHB.
  4. Most Carl Hiaasen books
    Just always funny and sick. Lucky You is my favorite.
  5. To Kill A Mockingbird
    The characters never get old.