'Twas productive 3 days before Xmas break
  1. Watched a movie narrated by Josh Brolin in AP World
    featuring Dr. Oz, Anthony Bourdain, and some camels
  2. Watched the episode of The Office where they have an intervention for Meredith
  3. Played 10x10 for 40 mins
  4. Made a video on how to make mozzarella with no ingredients in sight
  5. Took pictures with my Italian teacher on the photobooth app
  6. Ate a bagel
  7. Watched the Moroccan Valentine's Day episode of The Office
  8. Watched the Michael Scarn episode of The Office
  9. Watched Christine & Emma watch Jim & Pam's wedding episode of The Office
    We have 1 pair of headphones and 3 people
  10. Use glue sticks
  11. Listen to Christmas music
  12. Listen to my AP Bio teacher's favorite songs from her childhood