1. Gracing someone with a hilarious meme you found only to have the person respond, "I dunno I just don't think it's that funny"
    gut. wrenching.
  2. Missing the metro by half a second
  3. Ordering a cold drink with *lite ice* and receiving a drink that is *95% ice*
  4. Holding the door open for someone who isn't actually headed that way and then awkwardly abandoning the gesture
  5. The spinning rainbow wheel of death
  6. When a coffee shop refuses to give you its wifi password because they "want people to talk to each other"
    Zero chance of me coming here to get shit done
  7. Tv provider websites that make you turn off AdBlock to watch an episode
  8. When you say something funny but nobody hears you and then someone else repeats what you said verbatim and everybody laughs
  9. Mushy grapes
  10. When the Verizon employee shittily puts on your temperglass iPhone screen protector
    The damage has been done there's no going back :-/