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  1. gamboge
  2. garnet
  3. genie
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I love her so much she's so fucking weird
  1. {talking to subway rat} we saw your brothers and sisters today at the natural history museum. they were dead.
  2. me: I love you so much you're so beautiful I can't believe it's been a whole year I her: I HAVE CHEESE IN MY NOSE?!?!???!
  3. Mary's the best thing about Catholicism. I pray to her more than I pray to God or Jesus; I don't trust them. They're shifty.
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they're cute and they're cuddly and they believe in you
  1. this gorgeous cat
  2. this charming owlet
  3. this little piggy
  4. this excited alpaca
  1. comfy, silky material
  2. perfect fit
  3. no panty lines
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inspired by @rachelleburns
  1. Tom Chapin
    my first concert, awww
  2. The Dixie Chicks
    the first concert I really vividly remember; they played Ready to Run at 11 and it was so far past my bedtime and I was falling asleep but still trying to sing along
  3. Avril Lavigne
    who didn't love her when they were 7-14
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  1. Lemon Lyman
  2. The Black Vera Wang
  3. We're Having Salmon. Do You Like Salmon?
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  1. the strongly crayony scent of cheap pencil eyeliner
  2. the metallic smell of my fingertips after I've handled old jewelry
  3. the trapped summer sun smell of the bright red front door of my house when I first open the glass door
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  1. aesthetic reasons
    I'm that asshole
I'm a gay amateur artist who really likes rainbows, what do you want from me
  1. Recolor
    FINALLY, YOU CAN COLOR ON YOUR PHONE!!! free coloring pages daily, or pay $3 a month and have the time of your little white girl life coloring unlimited images from their database or that you've scanned in yourself with an infinite array of colors and gradients
  2. WhiteOut
    remember 2048? it's that, but with better colors, larger {easier} game boards, and the option to change the game's color scheme as you earn points
  3. Afterlight
    a wonderfully designed all-purpose photo editing tool with options to craft your own filters and overlap images
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