inspired by @rachelleburns
  1. Tom Chapin
    my first concert, awww
  2. The Dixie Chicks
    the first concert I really vividly remember; they played Ready to Run at 11 and it was so far past my bedtime and I was falling asleep but still trying to sing along
  3. Avril Lavigne
    who didn't love her when they were 7-14
  4. Boys Like Girls
    opened for Avril
  5. Ingrid Michaelson
    my absolute fave
  6. Carole King & James Taylor
    still can't believe I really got to see such legends perform
  7. Ingrid Michaelson
    yes, again
  8. Fun.
    who are fucking amazing live, btw
  9. Ingrid Michaelson
    yes, I have seen her live three separate times; I may be a bit of a fan
  10. Sugar and the Hi-Los
    opened for Ingrid
  11. Storyman
    opened for Ingrid
  12. Arlo Guthrie
    my brother and I were basically the only people under 40 in attendance
  13. Coldplay
    okay not yet but my bro and I have tickets for August