OPI nail polish: the The West Wing collection

inspired by @kates08
  1. Lemon Lyman
  2. The Black Vera Wang
  3. We're Having Salmon. Do You Like Salmon?
  4. Cow Made of Butter? That's How I Like My Irony Served, My Friend
  5. In This White House
  6. Bartlet IS THE President
  7. Big Block of Cheese Day
  8. Celestial Navigation
  9. The Crackers, Danny
  10. The Red Mass
  11. There is Literally No One in the World that I Don't Hate Right Now
  12. I'm Great in Bed
  13. I Wouldn't Stop For Red Lights
  14. A Sudden Arboreal Stop
  15. Marion Cotesworth-Haye of Marblehead
  16. Toby and Josh are in the Soybean Fields
  17. Jed's New Lucky Tie
    "Game on, boyfriend"
  18. A Secret Plan to Fight Inflation
  19. They Call Me... The Jackal
  20. Time off in the White House
    Suggested by   @clairea321