Favourite art galleries in the world

Ive seen some pretty amazing art galleries in my short time on earth. Here are some of mi faves.
  1. Art gallery of NSW
    Near my home. Probably one of the first I ever went to as a wee lass. Been on many school excursions here and it is close to my heart. *highlights - some good Australian art + creepy sleeping clown
  2. LACMA
    I went to the LA County museum of art for the first time in January. It has some pretty cool art and a nice coffee shop, however I didn't get to go to the rain room tho because I didn't book early enough ): it's close to the tar Pitts which is low-key interesting and I think I walked to the grove from here which was only a bit terrifying. *highlights - the many iconic street lamps out the front ( a less crazy Chris Burdens work - Google get shot for the sake of art) and a frank gehry exhibition
  3. The Pompidou Centre
    In a very cute, Newtown type area in Paris. Amazing building. Amazing art inside. Great bookshop + gallery shop. *highlights lots of good Modern art, Fountain Duchamp, The Deep Pollock and some interesting contemporary art
  4. The Whitney Houston museum
    Just kidding not called that. Not about Whitney Houston at all. V nice building. Really fun art. *highlights Hollywood Africans Basquiat and little big painting Lichtenstein