1. What's for lunch? Maybe sushi? Or Thai? I can't decide. Actually, maybe I want Chinese food. Even though it's 7 am.
  2. I'm inebriated. Great excuse to eat dolla dolla pizza, y'all.
  3. Listen, I love you, but if we don't stop for food soon, I might turn into Jackie Chan and karate chop you.
  4. Would it be weird if I got two entrees and two appetizers? Nah, I'll just take the leftovers home and eat them all.
  5. What the flying donkey, my brother ate my leftovers? Nobody gets in the way of me and my food. Time for some payback.
  6. Discovering my calendar as a 8 year old has confirmed why I always crave pizza on Thursdays. I also remember being upset not having pizza on a Thursday because it was a national holiday and we didn't have school. #pizzathursdays #lifeessentials