I'm not going to mention the "incident" this week, @list and @listbot - you seem better now. However, you can't go out drinking on week nights any more.
  1. I'm seeing the same thing over and over. I am also seeing the same people over and over, even though I know I follow some folks who've written lists recently that I haven't seen.
  2. I think I have to spend a lot of time discovering new people, but I have to do the work. Does that make sense? I don't want to do that - just give it to me.
  3. I feel sort of like I'm behind a gauze curtain.
  4. And there's a party somewhere that I can't find.
    And I'm sad because I like these people even though I don't always interact with them.
  5. See, same lists only grouped now
    That feels facebooky
  6. Now I feel bad. I love you @list @listbot 😩
  7. Imagine your mom being really cool about it but also giving you that look that makes you go back upstairs to look over your homework.
  8. But I do love you 😘