All coming up I-16 right now, headed my way
  1. I know so many people being evacuated. I'm checking on all of them if I can. ❤️
    Or want to.
  2. Most of them are hotel owners.
    My husband knows them better than I do. I hope they are smart and safe!
  3. 1 is my mother-in-law
    Not sure where she is bc she never answers her phone. This is not my problem, but my husband is very good at plans and shit so I feel confident that someone will eventually tell me she's fine.
  4. 1 is my sister-in-law
    Oh for the love of god would someone please deal with her.
  5. 1 is the Judge who signed the marriage license for John F. Kennedy, Jr. And Carolyn Bessette
    He used to drive me in the boat to my sugar daddy's house on Cumberland Island. He's a tough nut, I hope he doesn't stay.
  6. 1 is my old boss and boyfriend and Sugar Daddy.
    I'm not even ashamed. He's smart I'm sure he's safe.
  7. 1 is my former BFFrenemy whose family moved to Vero Beach when I broke up with her.
    They have 3 girls. I'm being very nice to her.
  8. 1 is the guy who set me and my husband up on a blind date.
    He was Best Man at our wedding. He's actually a criminal of the business fraud kind but I like his wife and daughters. They have family inland so I know they're fine.
  9. 1 is the fucker who fired my husband
    This is fun. No lie - hand to heart - this guy is a former special ops assassin turned hotel financier who believes there are bunkers underneath all the Walmarts out west. He can stay - he needs to atone. But tbh he's a real live McGyver and very handsome so he's fine.
  10. Love to you all. Bring it.