1. Park 11 feet from where she is looking
    "Why didn't you TELL me? Omg this is so embarrassing did you even shower I texted you like 3 times you're so annoying."
  2. Have the dog in the car
    "She is SO ANNOYING can you get her groomed omg she's shedding GET IN THE BACK!"
  3. Ask how her day was*
    *dont make eye contact and try not to sound cheerful. "Could you STOP annoying me I was at school all day ok!?"
  4. Leave 4 feet of space between your car and the car in front of you at a red light.
    "Pull up! You're annoying people behind you and you're not the only one on the road this is so annoying I can't wait until I can drive I hope I don't get this car I hate red cars"
  5. Breathe annoyingly because you feel like it.
    "why are you so ANNOYING I know you're doing this on purpose turn on the music not 80s because you're annoying when you sing."
  6. Sing.