Inspired by all the AMAs I'm too elevated to look up
  1. I'm not allowed to "offer information," but I am allowed to answer questions!
  2. How did you end up working for the NSA? Was that your ultimate career goal or did another path take you to that choice?
    Suggested by @kate81
  3. What's your opinion on Edward Snowden?
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  4. Do you apply directly to work at the NSA or do you get recruited from other government careers?
    Suggested by @silverwolf634
  5. @kate81 yeah sorry I can't answer that. Clearly.
  6. @lexie_elyse well obviously I can't say.
  7. @silverwolf634 whys everyone all up in my career choices?
  8. what was your job at the NSA?
    Suggested by @cat_lyn
  9. what kind of information are you required to keep private? do they tell you specifically what you can and cannot say or is it assumed?
    Suggested by @cat_lyn
  10. What's your favorite color?
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  11. @cat_lyn as if. And ALL OF IT. This was a terrible idea.
  12. Haha because in the movies this kind of stuff is like superhero origin story!! Okay SORRY new question. Is the average American snooped on, or does the NSA need reasonable suspicion of ill intent before spying begins?
    Suggested by @silverwolf634
  13. @silverwolf634 why you ask "silver wolf"?
  14. Lol are you actually a troll? I'm trying to think of what would be interesting to know about the NSA but keep getting shut down... How about... "Did your desk have a window" that should be safe enough right. Or "does the NSA work only in offices or do you have field work too" ?
    Suggested by @silverwolf634
  15. What was the culture like there? Like was it a competitive work environment?
    Suggested by @jennycakes48
  16. @jennycakes48 paranoid and murderous mostly.