in the last 10 minutes of AB Calc today i was ridden with anxiety so in order to stay calm i wrote down 1 thing my teacher said for every minute (not including the first item, that was just my starting point i.e. the cause of my anxiety)
  1. 10.
    I was wrong (and everyone knows)
    i whispered the answer; he asked for clarification. i whispered slightly louder; he asked for clarification. i said it louder. i was wrong.
  2. 9.
    is there a relationship between dr/dt and dc/dt?
    i h8 derivatives
  3. 8.
    how does dc/dt change?
    (see previous despcription)
  4. 7.
    it doesn't.
    (see previous description)
  5. 6.
    gravity isn't pulling him down.
    his mind is in the clouds but his thoughts are pulling him down
  6. 5.
    self explanatory
  7. 4.
    2b or not 2b
    i kid you not my teacher said this without meaning to be funny but also this is so perfect
  8. 3.
    what is b?
    if you consider the 2b or not 2b soliloquy then it really makes sense that we question the definition of b
  9. 2.
    i don't know
    neither do i
  10. 1.
    this obviously isnt happy