1. Write a three page paper on the brain for AP Lit
    due monday
  2. Finish the french quotation assignment
    due monday
  3. Finish the Petit Prince questions
    due monday
  4. Study for AP Econ Final
    monday - wednesday
  5. Study for French Speaking Final
    sometime next week who knows when
  6. Study for French Written Final
    on Friday
  7. Bring AP Econ Books
  8. Bring AP Econ Tests Back
  9. Bring AP Econ What I Wish I Had Learned
  10. Bring Biotech Books on Monday
  11. Memorize my Monologue
    saturday night
  12. Memorize spoken word
    saturday night
  13. Get Prom Dress from altering place
  14. Get Prom Shoes?
    hopeful but probably not
  15. Upload tax forms to idoc
  16. fill out grad night form
  17. socks and sandals monday!!