sometimes i pretend to listen to have music playing in my headphones but instead im really just eavesdropping
    i dont even know what this kid was screaming at
  2. youre a dildo id call you a dick but youre too thick
    heard at the bus stop
  3. oh is it a laxitive?
    some sophmore girl trying to be bffs with the starbucks barista
  4. let me finish my terrible rabbit story
    a group of college people gathered to grade papers and this girl was quite determined to share
  5. its the british word for vagina
  6. thats a white people salad
    it was just a salad
  7. those are some lovely circles
    a kid sat next to me in my french class about the womans nipples in this african culture animation movie we were watching
  8. kevin, i dont think you were actually that high
  9. believe it or not i got this from justice
    "and it has no sequin on it" - an 8 year old girl wearing uggs and holding a starbucks in one hand and an iphone 6 in the other
  10. very very yikes
    some old guy at the line in a boba place
  11. bitch u want lettuce or meat
    this kid in my science class for whatever reason??
  12. would you like marginal cost with that?
    just ap econ things
  13. a mexican gallbladder removal
  14. that would be the most expensive murder ever
    this one haunts me... are they being murdered with diamonds? gold? who can ever know?
  15. you made me basic without my consent