f yo racist misogyny
  1. if a white man and I both work hard for the same job and the man makes $1,000,000 in a few years, why will I only make $770,000? Why am I subjectable to losing $230,000 because of my race and gender? despite working the same job?
  2. "oh why isn't there international men's day??" everyday is international men's day
  3. hello reverse racism doesn't exist
  4. "why not meninism?? why feminism??" feminism is about equality between genders. meninism is about how fragile masculinity is so that you can't even think about calling an equal rights movement something that begins with "fem" also, meninism is not even an equal rights movement. it's making sure the patriarchy stays intact.
  5. "wow ur a stay at home dad! that's amazing" "wow ur a stay at home mom what are you contributing to society you meaningless speck of dust" mmmmmmmk
  6. I don't belong in the fucking kitchen and I don't belong in your fucking bed