Fictional Characters That I Deeply Relate To

  1. George Costanza - Seinfeld
    Neurotic. Insecure. Wishes it was socially acceptable to drape himself in velvet.
  2. Tommy DeVito - Goodfellas
    Swears too often. Gets upset when people bring up his past. Wants to be a made man in the mafia.
  3. Mindy Lahiri @mindy - The Mindy Project
    Dramatic. Pop culture obsessed. Has amazing style.
  4. Harriet M. Welch - Harriet The Spy
    Curious about the world. Talks shit about her friends in an observational way. Enjoys writing.
  5. Bruce Bogtrotter - Matilda
    Could and would eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting. Has naturally curly hair. Doesn't care about being thrown in the chokey by Miss Trunchbull because it's worth it.