1. by the fireplace.
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    Any fire place. preferably with a good book and a blanket. One of my new spots is the fireplace in the common room in my dorm- I'm quickly becoming known for settling there, as close to the flames as I can get. my favorite place to be fireside, however, is in the mountains in California in my grandfather's study around 5 a.m.
  2. Coconut Grove (being the homebody that I am)
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    The first few years in Miami I never would've imagined that I'd come to love the overgrown, jungly neighborhood that is my home, but now it's a permanent fixture in my heart. Bike rides down to the water or to grab smoothies. Drives down strange, winding side roads past houses I could've sworn weren't there the last time. Trips to the nearby farmers market (here is where I give cinnamon cashew milk the shoutout it deserves). Days by the pool, friends passing through at all hours. I love it all.
  3. Small Tea
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    Did I mention I love tea? Because I love tea. An old friend (more than a friend?) and I stumbled upon it over a year ago on the way back from the bookstore and it's become one of my most frequented spots. Unclear whether this is due to my affection for tea, its proximity to Books & Books, or the reasonably unstressful parking.
  4. D'Angelo Law Library
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    It's a strange (and slightly liberating) sensation to be able to smoke in such an exposed area, where anyone can walk by and where we are in clear sight of both my Resident Heads (hi Chandani and Brady!) and the plethora of students that are (admirably) working hard within.
  5. Laura Wolfe's humble abode.
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    It's curious that a house that is only a block away from mine seems to hold even more memories for me than my own, but it's true. My first kiss, my first time smoking, my first time pass out drunk, the time Paige got into a literal fight with Isabelle Pino over Angus McLachlan... all of these defining moments and more happened here. Fun fact: it's also next door to Tennessee Williams's old house.
  6. Lake Forest, IL.
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    While here over the summer I've been more intensely bored than any other time in my life (a result of being a city girl in a small town where I know 3 people, maximum) yet the book lover in me can't help but admire the magical feel of the woods. To me, it seems like just the spot where strange, mysterious things might happen.
  7. The Lake Forest Cemetery
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    Spooky, but trust me.
  8. The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago
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    The whole museum is great, but since I was a child it's been the Thorne Rooms that I've gravitated towards. I've always loved dollhouses, ever since my mother built me one from scratch, dragging me from one obscure dollhouse shop to the next in search of real miniature books (think: a microscopic version of Alice in Wonderland) and the perfect, adorable, tiny utensils to make it complete.
  9. a grotto near Staniel Cay
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    Don't know why but I've never been such a happy lil bean as I was when I was in this grotto!! I'm well known for being lazy/unathletic but the second I swam through the underwater entrance and into this hidden cave, I was enchanted. I never wanted to leave - too busy climbing and exploring and feeling exactly like Ariel.