1. Star wars
  2. Wine
  3. Cake / party of two
    I love food and I love friends and I love combining the two. Here, my friend Martina came over and we ate my amazing carrot cake and then had a few other friends over to eat more cake and then we tried to nap but just ended up laying on my floor for hours and it was #good
  4. The color green. Plants. Plants that are green. Green plants.
  5. Books n denim n white sneakers and sunlight
    Sitting outside in the sun and reading a book until I feel like my skin is burning off (which it probably is) is the BEST. I cannot wait till mid spring quarter (spring is my favorite season) when I can watch all the flowers and leaves grow back and lay in fresh grass and read and feel the chilly air and the sun on my skin. And be able to wear ripped denim without being freezing and white sneakers without getting em muddy !
  6. Mirror selfies
  7. Bookstores
    I don't mean Barnes & Noble,, I mean independent bookstores, used bookstores, small bookstores, hidden bookstores. Sadly when I wandered by this one it was already closed for the day.
  8. Tea
    I'm very predictable
  9. The x files
    Again,,,,, very predicable (and just LOOK how he looks at her !!!! he's so in love w her and I'm so in love w both of them)