while scrolling through my list of quotes
  1. "You have a very interesting thermo regulatory system" - Dave, boy from RE, my first kiss
  2. "We like to make fun of you but we also like you." - Ale, boy from college
  3. "What is with you and sewing? Stop sewing!" - Eve, also known as the Eve from Zander Futernick's hit single "Eve Luverz"
  4. "You don't get scared in here? Your room is creepy." - My little brother
  5. "That look is a "I can read you like a book" look. Cuz I read a lot of books." - Angus McLachlan
  6. "Is it ok if I pee while we FaceTime?" - Multiple friends
  7. "You are so ungolfy." - Alex Fredman
  8. "Your funeral will be hella turnt! It's a shame you'll miss it" - Betty, Bathy, yungbath and/or bettywap69