1. My ring
    If you've seen me over the past two years, I'm wearing my favorite ring. Small, silver, adorned with two mermaids that surround and hold a tiny pearl. Lost some time last night and I'm still in denial. 😭
  2. Socks
    Lots of them. All the time.
  3. My ability to be around awful people (i.e. anyone racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc)
    Not so sad about this one. Bye 👋🏼
  4. Books
    Mostly ones lent to friends. If you have my copy of Rebecca or my copy of Kafka on the Shore, kindly lmk !
  5. My prada sunglasses
    I can barely type this FML. Left them on a plane
  6. Friends
    This is always hard but it is usually for the best. Again, bye @ toxic people !
  7. Shoes
    Somehow I managed to lose the shoes off my feet half an hour before my 5th grade graduation. Still wondering how this happened, exactly.
  8. -
    Sometimes I wonder where things go when they've been lost. I've read books and watched movies (see Halloweentown and Sharkboy and Lavagirl, for example) where lost things go to a mystical land or junk yard meant specifically for lost toys and other items. I don't really know where my lost things go (just that they are definitely not here) but the idea of a land for lost things has always been comforting to me.