If you swear you don't do any of these things, you're lying.
  1. Pick your nose when you're alone.
    Digging for gold has no age limits
  2. Examine your poop before you flush the toilet
    You're just getting to know what's inside you.
  3. Smelling your own farts.
    "Everyone loves their own brand." - Fat Bastard
  4. Turn off the lights at bed time, then sprint to your bed before the monsters get you.
    I've seen The Ring, and I am not playing with that shit.
  5. Peeing in the shower
    All rivers lead to the golden ocean
  6. Bite your finger nails
    I'm just using what God gave me.
  7. Watch cartoons
    Anyone who tells me Ren and Stimpy was meant for children is a sick, sick person.
  8. Play with all the furniture at IKEA
    "I'm a big girl now"
  9. Don't step on the cracks.
    Or you'll break your mother's back.
  10. Sleep with a teddy bear
    I may be married, but Pinky is my OG ride or die bitch.