Some of these may just be opinions haha
  1. Pro: beaches
    Cons: too much sand, shells, and it's hot as hades out there
  2. Pro: Warm yearlong
    Con: it's HOT yearlong
  3. Pro: plenty of water
    Con: too much water... Ex. Hurricanes, floods, getting struck by lightning
  4. Con: I think that there's really nothing to do except go to the beach or Disney world or go kayaking
    Pro: there are many little rivers and lakes that are fun to swim in, live on, and kayak if you don't like the beach scene. Also, secluded beaches like this picture...
  5. Pro: there's actually a lot of farmland and horse land in Ocala
    Con: it could be too rural for some people
  6. Con: I hate getting classified as a beach lover or that it's perfect that I live in Florida
    Pro: it's a fun state and can be enjoyable
  7. Pro: really good governor
  8. Pro: the space coast!
    Con: Florida is long so there's lots of driving if you want to go to certain places
  9. Con: people in Florida do stupid things where alligators are probably involved