Some Things I Have Learned from My Anxiety

I am a person with social anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, & overall moderate anxiety. I worry about fainting, not being able to escape, people not understanding, being alone, etc. Everyone has fears I just suppose mine are a little less logical. Lucky for me I have been making great strides! So here's a list of some things I've learned so far...
    Your anxiety just wants you to give up. And why would you want to give in to such a foul creature???
  2. And The Doctor doesn't give up... So how can you say you are going to to this face?
  3. Anyone is Capable of Making it Through
    You, yes you are capable. You know you don't want to feel this way, then fix it. Don't rush because that will put you back more. You think you can't, well you can, honey.
  4. You can go from this
  5. To this
  6. Baby Steps
    If you are reading this and are feeling like crap and saying "no still I can't do this" just a know that I used to feel like that all the time. BUT now I only feel like that sometimes. Just focus on getting to a point where your anxiety or whatever it is is just sometimes. Focus on smiling one day or stepping out your door and seeing the beauty of the world another day. Don't push yourself... Just teensy weensy baby steps is all :)
  7. Don't be afraid to take the next step
    It's okay to be afraid but it's also okay to get past that and achieve something you're afraid of. I noticed last year that whenever I did something and got through it successfully, I was stronger and more confident. So the only way to be not afraid is to step out even though you are afraid.
  9. PS... If BJ Novak sees this.... hehe hi there 👋🏼❤️