Struggling Poet

I am in high school, nervous, and don't have a lot of friends. I love animals but can get made fun of when I talk about them or post about them on social media. So I write about what I love, where no one can see or maybe not even understand... In the form of poetry.
  1. I write Romantically and Naturalistically worded poems
    I wrote this on a blank sheet of scratch paper that was given to me while taking a standardized test. Paper is wasted so much in the world so I thought I could do my part and not waste this one piece of crisp, white paper. This is what I wrote...
  2. It baffles me that I cannot submit my poetry to a contest without being a resident of a different state, country or paying $20.
    I'm just a struggling poet trying to make the best of the words God gave me...
  3. And that is my first post on 🍃