1. Eating mac n cheese pizza when on your period
    Double carbs
  2. Well made creme brulee
    Plain with blackberries as a garnish and mint or with rhubarb
  3. Getting to the point of wine drunk where you're not too far gone but just feeling damn good
  4. Cat snuggles with the one cat who isn't normally very loving
    It's always a special moment
  5. Laying in a pile of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer
    Even better when it's your favorite blanket and you're very tired
  6. Fresh home made french bread
    With melty butter or peanut butter, not both
  7. Masturbating
    Because only you really know what your own body wants/needs
  8. 😘🙊☝💥🍌🍆🍕🍷🚿
    Interpret as you will ;)